Beary Best Teacher – Bearington

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Beary Best Teacher – Bearington
Beary Best Teacher Bearington Teddy Bear is an adorable 11 inch bear and adorns a plaid ribbon around his neck and holds a soft plush apple embroidered with the message “MY FAVORITE TEACHER”. He is apple scented, fully jointed and standing tall at 11″, the perfect gift for TEACHERS!::Bearington is a family owned and operated business based in Georgia. Bearingtons designs have proven to be both fantastic collectibles and charming decorative accessories for the home. Buyers and collectors have come to rely on the fantastic quality of Bearington pieces. Bearington strives to make their pieces the most detailed collector designs in the industry. For outstanding detail you need outstanding quality, and Bearington refuses to settle for anything less than the best. Its because of this that the end consumer can feel certain that when theyre buying a Bearington, theyre buying the best. ::How does one distinguish a Bearington Bear from all of the others? Well, if you find a bear that has enough personality to make you smile and/or laugh, and the bear is fashioned with the highest quality apparel and accessories and is offered at an unbelievable price then, It MUST be a Bearington. In the past few years, Bearington has received recognition from its peers in the plush industry by receiving numerous TOBY (Teddy Bear of the Year) Industry Choice Awards, TOBY Publics Choice Awards, Golden Teddy nominations, Collectible of the Year in Canada and is rated one of the fastest growing plush companies in the industry.
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