This un-stuffed plush bear kit comes with the 15″ bear animal skin, necessary fill, a birth certificate and a wishing star insert. With this kit you get to stuff your own plush animal, make a wish that stays inside forever, and make your new friend a part of the family by creating a birth certificate. The locking zipper back makes it easy to close without sewing or worry of children re-opening and losing filling. Simple instructions included. This is a great project for all ages from 3 to 103.

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5″ Overall (Front Paw to tip of Tail). This boxer “Revolution” is a delightful way to celebrate the indomitable Harley spirit. The darling Harley Davidson plush toy wears a blazing orange-and-black bandana with Harley Davidson logo. A great way to hang on to those happy Harley memories long after the engines have stopped, Revolution is made of soft, brown fuzzy polyester (with white feet and chest) and a bean-filled center. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite Harley rider or baby biker to be. Or get one for yourself! Imported. 6Hx5-1/2Wx15L”.

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