Hot Pink “I Love San Francisco” Bear WITH a “Souvenir of San Francisco” Pop-out Book (Bear and Book Combo)

Hot Pink
Hot Pink “I Love San Francisco” Bear WITH a “Souvenir of San Francisco” Pop-out Book (Bear and Book Combo)
THE “SAN FRANCISCO” BEAR: 8 1/2 inches (head to toe) with hot pink fur, a matching neck ribbon and “I Love San Francisco” on its’ chest. Born April 15, 2004 into the Ty Beanie Baby Collection. Now retired. Hang tag reads: “I love the twists on Lombard Street; And cable car rides are a treat; Golden Gate Bridge over the Bay; San Fran is a great place to play!” THE BOOK: “Souvenir of San Francisco” was written by Dorothy A. Yule and illustrated by Susan Hunt Yule, c. 2005, Chronicle Books. Size is about 2 5/8″ x 2 5/8″ x 7/8″ when folded-up inside its’ little box. A 24-sided accordion booklet, with die-cut pop-out color illustrations throughout. Twin sisters Dorothy and Susan Yule created this irresistible, petite accordion book in homage to a city close to their hearts. Fanciful prose and charming pop-out illustrations of San Francisco’s famous places make this a romantic, witty, and whimsical memento. Sample of Prose Text: “Lombard Street is crookeder Than any road the world has seen, So it has become a place where Tourists feel they must convene. First they climb to test their muscles, Pausing to massage their aches, Then they wait in line to drive it, Testing steering, gears, and brakes.” Rainbo Online Book Review: When you see this tiny pop-up book, it can be instant love. It was for me. Of course, I am a native of San Francisco and I do love my city. The booklet here is just a souvenir and it is tucked into a little cardboard case. When you remove the book and open it up, you get popup pictures of the famous spots in this city. A Golden Gate Bridge pops up and a Cable Car does also. There are more. The booklet is like an accordion and both side of the instrument holds pictures. Buy one and send one. Buy one and save it. It’s a handsome tiny memorial to the City By the Bay. – Richard L. Trethewey and Maggie Ramirez
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