Ox Two Foot Tall Uglydoll

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Ox Two Foot Tall Uglydoll
What kind of name is OX? :No, not like the animal OX, as in HUG and KISS! ::How can he hug you with such short arms? ::OX uses his ears! He’s not a very good listener, but he puts his ears to good use in many other ways! ::OX is great at magic, and his best trick is turning your stuff into his stuff. ::His best buddy Wedgehead calls that stealing, but OX just wants to borrow things from you for a few hundred years. ::He promises to put everything back when he’s done. ::What he wants to steal most are kisses, whether they’re in the chocolate variety or just plain, and he promises to be your friend if you would lend him a hand, or an ear…or like Two Dollars!
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